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I'm a typical post-grad trying to make it in my first “big girl” job, learning what a full-fledged budget really is, and figuring out whether the real world actually exists. Amidst my quarter-life crisis, the “I need to figure out who I really am and what I’m really doing” panic attacks, and my urge to rebel against the typical image of a twentysomething still living in her parents’ house and batting her eyelashes to get money from Daddy, car maintenance usually falls out of the mix.            Read On at >>
Maintenance Matters - Texting
Maintenance Matters for your car but also in life. Watch our newest video about what happens when you let yourself go.      More Videos >>

Handle All of Your Truck or Auto Repair Needs at Neal Tire and Auto Service

Neal Tire and Auto Service in Illinois has been servicing clients for over 80 years. Founded in the 1920's, our company excels at meeting customer needs by providing exceptional auto repair services and premier tire services. We use only ASE certified technicians who have the knowledge and experience to work on your car or truck. With numerous locations throughout Illinois, you can find a service center whether you live in Bloomington, Murphysboro, Charleston, or Mt. Zion.

Brake Service and Repair

When you bring your vehicle in for brake repair, one of our certified technicians will diagnose the issue and explain your options. Many things can go wrong with your vehicle's brakes, so our technicians will conduct a thorough review of your brake system's cylinders, lines, brake pads and shoes, fluids, rotors, and cables. Whether your system just needs a flush or a replacement, you can trust that Neal Tire and Auto Service will correctly diagnose and repair the problem. If you live in the Decatur, Paris, or Gibson City areas, we encourage you to stop by and experience our brake services.

Tire Repair and Service

Neal Tire and Auto Service prides itself on exceptional tire service. We offer top brands of tires for sale and can provide repairs or replacements. When you bring your vehicle in, our technicians can easily fix a flat with a patch kit or, if the damage is extensive, recommend a replacement. Our service centers offer tire rotations and re-balancing to help improve the overall feel of your ride. Unbalanced tires can cause shakiness when your vehicle reaches a certain speed, and our computerized balancing can fix that easily. We offer competitor price matching, so if you live in the Pittsfield, Havana, or Shelbyville areas feel free to come in and check out our tires for sale.

General Auto Repair and Maintenance

We don't just specialize in tires and brakes. We also offer routine scheduled maintenance like oil changes and flushes. We can check out your air conditioning system, repair transmission problems, and work on your shocks. With custom computer analysis, our technicians will competently diagnose a problem and provide you with the options for repair or replacement. If you live in the Herrin, Sullivan, or other surrounding Illinois cities, come experience our expertise in car repairs.

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